The love story was pretty simple and obvious, but I enjoyed watching Jane interact with the others at the hotel and I adored the environment of Venice. This was an instance where I wasn't so concerned about what actually happened; I just enjoyed "being" there. Story-wise, it's a step down from Brief Encounter, also helmed by Lean, but Summertime is lighter and I got lost in it very early and easily.

9 years ago

Camille Deadpan

Ms Hepburn always gives her all so her movies are always good (except for Bringing up baby but that's because I don't like screwball). But there was only one movie of hers that was my favourite - On golden pond. Until I saw this one.

7 years ago


I loved it. It's a very breezy, relaxing film. I felt like I was right there in Venice with them.

8 years ago

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