How can't you see anything human in this movie? guy down here is just exagerating. I think it's a good Sci-fi story about what does it really make us humans?

And isn't a " super complicated plot" come on, it's the same old big-corporation-doing-dirty-stuff-plot; really simple plot, huge stuff to think about.

And, obviously, really great visuals.

8 years ago


I just finished reading Neuromancer, and wanted nothing more than to see a visualized version of it. Absurdly, decades after the novel first paved the way for cyberpunk, a movie version has yet to be made. This animated film is more than a sufficient substitute, however - dealing with many of the same themes (downloaded consciousness, artificial intelligence, computerized society, the cyborg, etc). Some great action sequences as well!

8 years ago


amazing movie. this will definitely stick in your head. problem is it will stick only in the extremes. it will either amaze you or bore you. there is no between. but personally i loved it. the themes discussed, though not relevant today, are things mankind may have to face. it showed society in such a realistic way. but sometimes the dialog seemed a little bland though.

also to the guy complaining about the 5 minute music scene, i found that scene to be the most beautiful scene in the movie. it was a scene that showed how ordinary life in the future, even when surrounded by cyborgs and so much technology, could be. but the final shot emphasized that it would never be the same because cyborgs were here and would always be part of that life

7 years ago

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