This movie tears at the heart of anyone with unresolved issues with their parents from childhood. The fortunate thing the women in this movie had was that they could discuss, shout, get angry at and have things out with each other. Most people carry guilts and hatreds with them all their lives until their parents are dead. Then, there is no opportunity to deal with the issues. Keep the tissues handy when watching this one. Besides the gut-wrenching dialog, the cinematography is splendid.

7 years ago


Powerful experience. It touches the 'big themes': solitude, desperation, hopes, affection, disappointments and grace, all in a very delicate but intense way. It felt like I only watched it for 5 minutes, so moving was the dialogue. One of my absolute favorites.

6 years ago

Camille Deadpan

This movie is… so sad and so perfect.

6 years ago

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