Captain Blood (1935)

Dr. Peter Blood, unjustly convicted of treason and exiled from England, becomes a notorious pirate.


Really fun. I wish they still knew how to make these.

10 years ago


Captain Blood is a relatively serious film for Errol Flynn (his first as leading man), smacking of the historical biopic, even though it's actually based on a novel about an entirely fictional doctor falsely accused of rebellion who eventually turns pirate against the tyranny of King James' England in the Caribbean. In fact, it takes half the length before we get to proper swashbuckling. I minded not at all. Blood's roguish demeanor and verbal sparring with those who consistently wrong him are more than enough to sustain my interest. When we do get to sea, director Michael Curtiz puts his considerable skills to creating ship battles that look realistic and dynamic, though probably fewer sword fights than you'd imagine. Grand spectacle, sure, but Captain Blood is more about an irrepressible personality than it is about action set pieces.

4 years ago


Nice to see Flynn in a more serious role. Great action and plot. Love the tables turning - perfect! The love/hate between him and deHavilland was sparkling!

10 years ago

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