Tragic rehash lacking all the charm of earlier Karate Kid movies. Not even Jackie Chan can elevate Minime Smith to greatness. Did we really need this mommy-daddy-propelled star vehicle for Jaden? Yeah, Will and Jada were producers. Surprise.
You want to know the really sad part? Robert Mark Kamen wrote the story.

Jacket on, jacket off. What else remains to be said? Yeuch.

Not recommended.

7 years ago

Catherine Dixon

I was quite surprised when I was watching this. I liked it a lot. I was well put together. When I first saw the trailers for this I rolled my eyes. I thought it was going to blow. But people told me to give it a chance and I'm glad I did.

8 years ago


The 2010 Karate Kid, which should really be called The Kung Fu Kid, stars Jaden Smith as the Kid and Jackie Chan as Mr. Han, the Miyagi figure. While the fighting is much better than in the original franchise, and Han's back story more tragic, it's way too attached to the original's story beats. There's usually a twist (and the training is completely different), but sometimes, it's repeating the first film line for line. In other words, it's perfectly acceptable for audiences that have never seen the original, but a bad case of déjà vu for everyone else. One of the themes of the original was an American corruption of martial arts' true message, which I'm not sure translates to the Beijing location (the State's corruption of same?). The trip to China also means we spend some time in travelogue mode, tedious to someone who's seen as many Chinese movies as I have. It's pretty padding though. The Kid being 12 years old instead of a teenager creates a few problems for me too. It's sweeter, but the romance comes off as a Mini-Pops version of the original's, and the injuries Dre sustains means his mother really should have interceded and not let him fight in the final. Both Kids' moms are pretty permissive, but the sassy new model comes off as negligent. So some great action, and a good mix of comedy and touching drama, but in no way does it dethrone the original, which remains the most iconic and relevant.

5 years ago

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