This is a brilliant movie, like a spaghetti western and a James Bond film wrapped in a kimono. I can see why it's on the 60s list, it just oozes with that 60s bravado and charm. Kurosawa is just plain brilliant, all his films are so well put together. The actors are all great, the editing is done very well, the music is so great, even something light like this film is damn near perfect. Kurosawa was a brilliant craftsman and very careful about how he put his films together even the small ones.

9 years ago

Akira's most watchable movie thus far - highly recommended to Akira's firs timers. Great entertaining value without compromising the plot and acting. Toshiro Minfune is exceptional as always. Comparing to Yojimbo, I like this a bit better due to its lighter tone and shorter running time. Yojimbo is greater in depth due to its more sophisticated plot; hence, yields a darker theme and serious tone.

10 years ago


I like this one more, even though Yojimbo is generally rated higher.

8 years ago

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