Surprisingly high image quality of the BluRay. For a 1932 horror film, this has aged rather well. See it for Karloff's eyes and his mummified make-up in the beginning.

4 years ago


Is it dead or alive!? HUMAN OR INHUMAN?? You'll KNOW! You'll SEE! You'll feeeeeel the creeping, crawling terror that has your HAIR ON END! AAAAAaaaaaaah!!!

9 years ago


1932's The Mummy stars Boris Karloff in the title role, which he plays as an ancient wizard seeking immortality. None of the shambling bandage zombie I was sort of expecting. In short, the "mother of all mummy movies" defies expectations by turning itself into a supernatural thriller at the earliest convenience, and not hiding its star under a costume. Between the atmosphere established in the film, the very interesting make-up, and the performance they support, Karloff is magnetic. Unfortunately, no one else comes close, up to and including Zita Johann as his would-be queen. All in all, an exotic Universal Monster film that doesn't quite fit the budding franchise's usual structure. No freight train, but its pace is adequate for its purposes.

2 years ago

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