Camille Deadpan

The cinematography! Isabelle Adjani! She's so amazingly beautiful.

6 years ago


Both Hypnotic and frightening. Herzog is a genius.

9 years ago


I don't understand people that label a film as being "crap." To look at something, that a group of artists and technicians have poured months or possibly even years of their lives into, and then just label it as "crap" and then dismiss it entirely with such self-righteousness, seems so crazy to me (not to mention extremely lazy film criticism.) There are plenty of films that I do not enjoy or just downright loathe but I understand that they just weren't made for me. I recently watched The Phantom Menace and did not enjoy it and saw many problems with the film but I could still see how someone else could have a good time with it.

7 years ago

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