For anyone familiar with Studio Ghibli's 'Only Yesterday', 'Whisper of the Heart' or 'Ocean Waves' this is a very familiar story of school days, first love and growing up, but told in a three part structure featuring some exceptional animation. Although the story is mostly involving and it all looks wonderful the images aren't given time enough to breathe - for the first 30 minutes you're barely given a second to take in one gorgeous shot before it's replaced by another - a mistake when you're depending on imagery over plot. But that's forgivable - until the end - when 55 minutes of lovely work is destroyed in a hideous five minute music-video conclusion, featuring a terrible Japanese pop ballad, that smells of either money or ideas running out. A real shame.

8 years ago


One of the finest animated films in recent years.

9 years ago


Slightly touching story, beautifully animated. Could become a personal fav' after another watch.

9 years ago

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