Much recommended, this is one of my fave movies of 2017. Frances McDormand is absolutely fantastic, and so are Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell. Hell, I never even recognized Sam Rockwell - all I saw was an incompetent, lazy, momma's policeboi! The movie deals with a painful subject and although funny at times, personally I could hardly keep the underlying theme out of my mind. Mildred is bitter, harsh and impulsive, showing no grace and no acquiescence in her loss, with which victims' families are so often displayed in popular movies (that's why I loved her character). There's drama, comedy and suspense in varying degrees, keeping it real. There's character growth, at times clichéd (I decided to shut my eyes and accept Dixon's change for what it is). There are other, less prominent but superbly likeable characters like Red Welby, Chief Willoughby and James ("the midget"). Just watch it and see for yourself.

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Despite my like this is one of the most frustrating watches I've had in some time. A movie that should be raw, angry and excoriating but ends in a completely hollow and unearned damp squib. Wanting to brazenly tackle its subjects and hold up a mirror but with none of the caché or skill to do so. At least it looks good, moves confidently and McDormand is a tour de force

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