A real mind-blowing experience featuring Hans Zimmer at his best with an awesome dream-like score. Great character development for the protagonist. Awesome effects. You might need a second watch as it is quite a fast-paced movie. I also recommend watching the animated prequel if you enjoyed it. It's definitely not for everyone, but it worked very well for me. My personal favorite.

9 years ago


For a giant blockbuster summer movie Inception is audacious as hell. The final extended dreams-within-dreams sequence is just stunningly put together.

10 years ago


I don't buy the whole no heart bit. One, its largely an action movie, so simply by the conventions of the genre you are asking a lot if you expect the kind of character development you get in a traditional drama movie. Look at all the action movies in the IMDB Top 50 for that category. Star Wars is a great example. Wooden acting and predictable character development.

Two, the character development IS pretty good. Now not every character is given a 10-minute backstory and a flashback underlining for you all their motivations as a character (do you really think it would have helped the film?). But the central characters, Cobb, Ariadne, and Mal, are very well-developed, have interesting stories, and have their stories told in a compelling way.

Some of you are holding this movie to unrealistic standards and ignoring its genre, which doesn't necessarily focus on fleshing out every single detail of every single character.

11 years ago

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