The Singing Detective (1986)


I had to watch this for university as it is a cult series. It really is very good! If a little weird and at some times long winded. So different from anything else I have ever seen.

9 years ago


I've never seen anything quite like this. It has the clarity of vision of some of the greatest cinema, the singular nature of the personal passion project and the narrative styling of the best literature. Its wondrous, a joy, a treasure. Its hard to sit through at times because - like all great humanists - Potter culls from some emotionally desolate places and lays bear our collective conscious and humanity. I feel connected to all people in a way so few films have made me feel. Its where the writer has tapped into such universal truths that transcend age, generations, ethnicity, you name it. Potter has more or less tapped into the human DNA of emotion and written a story that combines Noir formalism, autobiography, musical song and dance numbers and lip syncing into some sort of subversive portrait of the human soul.

If it sounds like a lot, it is. Its one of the best books I've never read because its a 6 hour TV series.

10 years ago

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