Not perfect, but thank God Michael Bay isn't around anymore.

2 months ago


The first watchable live-action Transformers movie to date. It's far from perfect but it has several things going for it compared to its predecessors:

- You can actually see what's happening during the action sequences.
- The plot wasn't idiotically convoluted.
- There's no Shia LeBeauf, the goofy parents or the "genius inventahh" Mark Wahlberg.
- Fewer closeups on asses, tits and American flags.
- Some of the humour is actually funny.
- The Decepticons don't all look and talk the same

It's not perfect. The love interest was pointless. The last 15 minutes turned into the usual silly blockbuster smash-em-up with beams in the sky and it was littered with too many corny cringe inducing moments. But then, it's Transformers you have to expect some silliness.

Would be great if the studio just pretended all of those godawful Michael Bay movies never happened and instead make the series from scratch, with Bumblebee acting as a prelude into the main series.

3 months ago


Everyone who told you Bumblebee is E.T. with a robot is right. Set in 1987, it can tap into the Amblin vibe, no problem. The decade that GAVE us the Transformers is actually a pretty good setting for this story, which cleverly casts John Cena as an '80s action hero who becomes comic relief as he loses control of the situation to unlikely heroine Hailee Steinfeld, and the movie has some fun with '80s references and its '80s soundtrack, which has an important and pleasant diagetic function. Bumblebee won't revolutionize genre cinema, but it does refresh the Transformers franchise (which I always skipped before) with real heart, characters you can are about (including a romance that doesn't take the cliched route), and actually recognizable Transformers. The lead robot is a real sweetheart, though some of the content was a little violent for a film that best performed when it staged clumsy robot slapstick. On the whole, a fun time at the movies, at least once Steinfeld meets the kind 'bot that will help her work her issues out in a roundabout way. Hm, kind of makes sense that the director of the origami-like Kubo would get how to make vehicles unfold into robots as well as they do.

3 months ago

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