The Heart of the World (2000)

Pure fantasia, a race to save the world from a fatal heart attack, juxtaposed against a love rivalry between two brothers - a mortician and an actor playing Christ - for the heart of a scientist studying the earth's core.


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Cliff notes:
Anna is a Soviet scientist who studies the earth's core (which you may recall from science class is a giant beating heart). Two cool guys are in love with her but she is hypnotized into falling for an evil tycoon, which sucks so hard that it gives the earth a (slightly premature) heart attack. Earthquakes and zombie Armageddon commence. However when the tycoon kisses Anna, she awakens from his magic spell and strangles him to death. Then she slides down a chute into the center of the earth and saves mankind by offering herself as the new Heart of the World.

This is a short homage to cinema as an art form for a film festival. The implication of the fanciful ending is that cinema (Kino!) can always save the day by writing its own rules, which gives it much awesome potential.

Don't take it too seriously. Maddin doesn't. His films are both comedy and poetry; they are fun and interesting.

7 years ago

John Milton

If you're familiar with the german and russian films of the twenties, this is a really great short, I was absolutely fascinated. Great achievement!

7 years ago


I don't normally put shorts on my favourite list but this is too good to leave out!

9 years ago

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