Ares Capeta

Worst birthday ever.

3 years ago


Just watched it in the cinema. About half an hour too long, but really good. It has its cliché moments, it has however a critical message about society which is woven into the action packed scenes. The end is a real tearjerker. Soundtrack was excellent. Had a few laughs as well.

3 years ago


Train to Busan is the Snowpiercer of zombie flicks, and while I'm not generally partial to the zombie genre, Korean cinema provides just enough of a spin on old formulas to make it appealing. Indeed, despite the zombie mayhem, the film has a sensitive core about an absentee father and his young daughter, and thematically underscores their interrupted connection with questions of responsibility… for the plague, for others in times of crisis, and through a pregnant couple whose daughter is not yet born. As a horror flick, it is claustrophobic, taking place almost entirely aboard a train (with side-quests in train stations and yards), the characters trying to survive by figuring out the rules, and so on. It's a real nailbiter, and I found my heart rate increasing through the last two acts. Visually, it looks great, none of the obvious CGI you expect from squirming masses of attacking zombies, and despite the subject matter, isn't gore-porn. Two severed thumbs up!

3 years ago

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