It baffles me how this film came and went from screens in 2006 with barely a whisper - it's a bracing, genuinely funny satire with a very serious point to make. Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph are perfect as Joe the dimwit army private and Rita the prostitute chosen to take part in a hibernation project which goes wrong and sees them woken up 500 years in the future when the human race has devolved through the increased reproductive rates and dominant genes of the laziest, stupidest people on the planet. It's a world where the president is a pro-wrestler, Starbucks is now a sex shop, oscar winning films are just 90 minutes of farting, the most successful TV show is "Ow, my balls" on "The Violence Channel" and vitally world crops are failing because all the water has been replaced by corporate endorsed energy drinks. Joe becomes the smartest man on the planet and has to help fix the world before finding a way to get back to his own time.
It's all extremely low brow and the stupidity of the future human race, mostly swearing and fart jokes, can get up your nose, but that is entirely intentional. You only need to look around you to see the early signs of what Mike Judge is poking fun at and simultaneously fearing. It's a surprisingly depressing film for a ridiculous sci-fi comedy, but worth seeing nonetheless.

7 years ago


I think this is mostly waste of a great idea. The main premise and the obvious message are somewhat clever and really promissing, but the script almost totally consists of needless and meaningless encounters that the main character experience, which don't build on anything on the solid base. It's content with only showing similar exaggerated examples of today's dumbness projected to that future society over and over again through an uninspired survival plot and unfortunately doesn't move on to any deeper level. As a result, it's just a fool adventure-ish comedy that gets less and less interesting, in which the protagonist runs from getting arrested, put into jail or being killed along with a totally repetetive shallow social commentary. Some limited bright humourous moments or lines here and there, but after the initial introduction part, the movie felt just slightly better than that nuts kicking show aired on future tv. This would be much much better if only they took the idea seriously, but obviously they didn't. 5/10

4 years ago


Better than expected.
Possible below.
Could humanity really survive with everyone being so unbelievably stupid? Loved the subtle mention of a leaking nuclear plant. :)
Andrew Wilson as 'Beef Supreme' stole the show!

7 years ago

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