There appears to also be a colorized version of the 1961 version, so seeking a black and white copy is the safest route. Both films are Sid Davis Productions and revolve around a teenage drunkard named Bill. In case you aren't sure which version you are seeing, here are some differences:

An immediate way to check at the beginning: (61) is sponsored by the Culver City Police Department and Culver City Unified School District. (68) is sponsored by the West Covina Police Department.

(61) has a doctor pointing a ruler at some anatomy charts. (68) has animations depicting the effects of alcohol on the body.

(61) Bill gets a breathalyzer. (68) Bill gets the "finger to nose" sobriety test.

(61) shows a close-up of the mother's face to indicate she's about to be hit by the car. (68) actually shows the mother being hit by the car and rolling off the the front hood.

I'm not sure why Sid Davis remade this film seven years later, and didn't even bother to change the narration. The 68 version is far superior - thanks to the animations, the more graphic/shocking depictions of the car accident, and the camera tricks to simulate the effects of alcohol on your driving (tunnel vision, etc).

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Don't mistake this for the version from 1968 (which is labelled as 1965 on Youtube. This version from 1961 is black and white. The 1968 remake is in color, but features the exact same narration.

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Local Hero -- aka MestnyiGeroi

Why is this on the badmovies list? Most PSAs make lists like that because their datedness makes them hilariously hokey or cheesy to watch now. But while the information in this one may be outdated, the gist of it is still true and it's mostly just informational in style – it has some hallmark elements that make it very 50s/early 60s, but it's not an amusing cheesefest. I don't get it.

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