I dislike this movie. I'm guessing it is enjoyable for many people and I believe that I ought to have known before watching it that it would not appeal to me - just personal taste.

I do NOT like Jason Segel, I can only tolerate him in "how I met your mother", and even that is probably only possible thanks to his great co-stars and because he really fits the role. Additionally, Russell Brand and I really don't seem to have the same opinion about what's funny and what's just stupid - and this movie was no exception.

All in all I could find neither humor nor heart in most of the movie and even Mila Kunis, who was really sweet, could not save it for me. Absolutely not my kind of movie.

7 years ago


Underrated indeed, lots of laughs in this one!

8 years ago


Great film, it's a little bit underrated.

Jason Segel is so awesome!

8 years ago

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