Not my favorite, but Joan Crawford does do a splendidly emotional acting job. The story got more exciting in the end; the plot took a while to get on its feet, and I didn't know where the tale was going until much later. Though it had a worthwhile moral and unique twist, both typical of the genre.

9 years ago

Maneki Neko

When someone dies in one scene, there is a rare non-humorous, unironic sad trombone on the soundtrack.

4 months ago


Surprisingly, much better than I expected. Crawford does a fabulous job of acting without over acting the part. Palance is on his way to his rough, treacherous, villainous self for which he later won awards. He's not my favorite but fit this part well. Graham, well, what can you say? She is just the best bitch there is.

4 years ago

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