Stunning minimalistic samurai vendetta movie! Starts with the sun setting, the last color and daylight you will see. It grows darker and darker until hell! Should be on many lists!

4 years ago


If you're interested in experimental takes on narration, you should see this movie.
If you enjoy vigorous b/w cinematography, you must see this movie.
If you furthermore have a thing for nihilistic samurai stories, it's already a new favorite.

3 years ago


The term "Shura" is derived from "asura", a sanskrit buddhist/hindu name for a demon. Shura is sometimes regarded as a specific asura, a dark god who suffers & declines unless steeped in constant warfare, for which he eternally hungers. The word is additionally a Noh drama term for for a type of play about ghosts or suffering warriors, which would be a dead-on description of the gloomy haunted protagonist of the film.

2 years ago

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