Manhattan (1979)

Manhattan explores how the life of a middle-aged television writer dating a teenage girl is further complicated when he falls in love with his best friend's mistress.


Some of the dialogue was interesting but, come on, it was boring and Mariel Hemmingways character at 17 years old attraction to Woody Allen, 42, is bewildering. I even found him hanging outside the high school creepy. Think of it this way, why was her character 17? What did it add to the movie that a 23 year old character in college couldn't have done for the story.

7 years ago


Manhattan is a beautifully shot piece of film with stunning, black-and-white, haunting images and the supporting performances in this movie are spectacular, especially the sweet Mariel Hemingway. Woody Allen plays his usual neurotic and self-centered urbanite. He is the protagonist of the movie and as such should hold our sympathy during the entanglements in the latter part of the movie, but because of his selfish streak, he becomes quite unbearable. There is much truth and identification-material in his character however, though unpleasant as that may well be. Woody Allen's trademark comedy flows as an undercurrent throughout the movie, usually derived from his character's snappy remarks and well-crafted dialogue, but is more clever than funny.

5 years ago


Certainly this film is well acted and expertly written but I think what really shines is the absolute stunning beauty of it. Some shots are simply some of the best frames in film history. Gordon Willis is a god of cinematography and this is probably his best work (yes even better than The Godfather movies).

Simply put this movie is porn for black-and-white film aficionados.

9 years ago

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