Journey Into Fear (1943)

An American ballistics expert in Turkey finds himself targeted by Nazi agents. Safe passage home by ship is arranged for him, but he soon discovers that his pursuers are also on board.


Extremely weak and rather short thriller where terminally uninteresting and rather dim witted weapons engineer Howard Graham (Joseph Cotten) is bundled out of Istanbul without his wife and luggage by Colonel Haki (Welles, playing Turkish) to protect him from Nazi agents out to kill him, but stupidly ends up being sent on the same boat as his would be assassins. The varied supporting cast including Dolores Del Rio add very little. This is an Orson Welles film in all but name (he co-wrote, co-starred and produced, but didn't direct) - oddly the best thing about it is probably the direction and the sharp B&W cinematography including a climactic building ledge shootout in the rain. Missable.

8 years ago

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