Camille Deadpan

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In an interview Talman recalled an incident that happened shortly after the release of The Hitch-Hiker (1953), in which he gave a chilling portrayal of escaped murderer and serial killer Emmett Meyers. He was driving his convertible in Los Angeles with the top down, and he stopped at a red light. Another driver in a convertible who was stopped next to him stared at him for a few seconds, then said, "You're the hitchhiker, right?" Talman nodded, indicating that he was. The other driver got out of his car, went over to Talman's car and slapped him across the face, then got back in his car and drove off. In recalling the story, Talman said, "You know, I never won an Academy Award but I guess that was about as close as I ever will come to one."

7 years ago


got this on one of those DVDs with several old movies in the bargain bin. I must say it was a great find. not the best film ever but one of the best acted killers in my book.

9 years ago


Movie was awesome and just begging for a remake. The killer was creepy, it had nice shadows and good intensity.

9 years ago

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