"Take Hitler and put him on the funny page!"

7 years ago


Wonderfully acted and a sharp script full of brilliant sexual innuendos and satire. I hate to be this person, but seeing a class act like this and comparing it to the great "comedies" of today like The Hangover and Knocked Up, there just is no comparison to the skill of classic screwball comedies. It's cliche, but damn it they just don't make them like they used to.

9 years ago


Even tough I liked the movie, especially the funny script, I had some problems warming up to the main characters. Neither Cary Grant or Rosalind Russell plays very likeable caracters. They are both selfish and inconsiderate. Cary Grant's Walter Burns is even a lying, cheating sleazeball who does not flinch at the opportunity to wrongfully send someone in jail or hide a wanted murderer from the authorities just so he can pursue a woman or his career. Ralph Bellamy's Bruce Baldwin is the only likeable caracter in the movie and he gets the short end of the stick every time and is fooled, made fun of and pushed around the whole time. My sympathies in this movie went against the people I should be cheering for the whole time. I guess the point is that that's how the press behaves, but I think I would have enjoyed the movie more if they had made the main characters more sympathetic. The supporting cast could have carried most of the message that journalists are terrible people.

9 years ago

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