one of the few movies i could watch again and again.

9 years ago


The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou creates a strange world based on Jacques Cousteau's documentary programs, but which also shares DNA with vintage cartoons like Sealab 2020, and thus its spoof incarnation 2021 and things like the Venture Bros. Bill Murray at last gets the lead, and perhaps that's why this seems to be Anderson's most improvised film. Many call it its weakest, that it meanders etc. That may be, but I also think it's part of the point. Zissou's life meanders, and things go wrong when he tries to take shortcuts. The central metaphor of his quest is somewhat murky, but those underwater metaphors really do fit the situation. He's an Ahab seeking his Moby Dick and a return to glory days, but he'll find his legacy may lie elsewhere, in a possible illegitimate son (Owen Wilson). If it loses focus sometimes, it's so we can explore this crazy world, a world MADE for exploration and beautifully retro-designed. You know what it makes me think of? Norwegian Ninja. And that's a favorite of mine.

5 years ago


it amazes me how so many people find this film bad

8 years ago

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