Nicole Kidman was fantastic as Virginia Woolf. I really wish there was more of her in the movie. The performance was great and Mrs. Woolf herself fascinates me.

8 years ago


This movie really touched me deeply. I could identify will all those three women so well who were (for different reasons) in denial or deeply unhappy about their lives and felt so trapped… I guess many of us have seen such times.

I loved the intertwined way the three stories were told, all the parallel incidents and touching experiences.

The actors were brilliant. Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore portrayed the main characters in a fantastic way - but I also loved the smaller parts brought to life by Jeff Daniels, Claire Danes, Miranda Richardson… and especially Ed Harris.

One special aspect of the movie was that it felt strangely incomplete, but not in a bad way. It felt like a mirror of real life, in a sense that not everything always ends well and sometimes you have to look hard to find the silver lining, and you really have to fight for those little moments when you feel truly alive… but they do exist.


5 years ago


Philip Glass is a national treasure.

3 years ago

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