Most of the time I avoid and HATE documentaries, never the less the wittiness of Agnès is amazing, in an un-sensationalistic way portrays how capitalism is taking a huge toll even in first-world countries by the amount of food wasted everyday.

The stories depicted by some of the 'new' type of gleaners are tender, overwhelming at moments and so entertaining.

I loved the medium She chose, the grittiness in the photography made me feel like I was watching something recorded by some friend of mine, it was so personal and even kind of funny watching a great director using a commercial digital videocamera. The hip-hop music next to classical music was a delight also.

Enjoyed everything about it.

2 years ago


Entertaining documentary. Worth the watch.

6 years ago


The way Varda starts off this doc about gleaning and before you know it she turns it into a critique of the capitalistic consumerism is remarkable. Excellent!

a year ago

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