What an amazing cinematography, there's no Scorsese film that would dissapoint me neither does Leonardo di Caprio. Great cast, script and art photography. I think it does not have the recognition that deserves.

8 years ago

Joker of Gotham

What a great movie, in my opinion this movie is better that Million Dollar Baby.
Damn you Jamie Foxx, why did you did such a fantastic job in the same year that Leo?
DiCaprio was amazing like always, Cate Blanchett was also pretty good in her role.
The only think that I dislike in the movie is the lack of information in the end of the movie, what happened to Howard Hughes, what did he do with his disease? These are questions that should be answered-

7 years ago


Strange and rambling, like a fever dream. Equally beautiful, though.

10 years ago

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