The Big Short (2015)

The men who made millions from a global economic meltdown.


The Big Short is an amazingly funny film about the credit and housing collapse of 2008, which surprising on two fronts. First, millions of Americans losing their homes and the Global economy taking a hit isn't a laughing matter (we here in New Bruswick didn't feel it much because things were already pretty terrible - I'm not being snarky, studies actually show exactly this). And second, who the hell understands the financial mumbo-jumbo required to make sense of this news story. Well, the only way you're going to watch a movie about this is if the bitter pill is coated in loads of sugar, and once you do, you'll realize the way Big Business works is completely absurd - not just Kafka absurd, but Monty Python absurd - and the movie knows quite well that the banks got away with it by using jargon you or I can't understand, and makes fun of that. The way the movie teaches us the salient points is pretty great, and preys (as the editing often does) on the public's propensity for getting distracted by other things. I came out of the theater better informed and dreamed of financial crises all night. Extremely funny (Ryan Gosling especially), but sad as well, it runs the gamut - probably one of my favorite movies of the year.

4 years ago


A well-made movie with some sharp characterization. Takes on a book that's a real challenge for adaptation and successfully creates a narrative that is (relatively) easy to follow, albeit not a traditional film narrative. Adam McKay's direction is strong enough to keep the focus of the film in line, but you do occasionally lose track of key parts of the film.

4 years ago


great movie, very entertaining, and super funny in parts. but! you will leave the theatre feeling more than a bit sick. (which is sorta the point.)

yeah but you still get to see margot robbie in a bubble bath

4 years ago

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