The "student film" epithet has grown very old. As someone who, you know, has actually seen some student films, I can assure you that none of them contained anything that looked like the dream sequences in this film (and it's not just a matter of competency, but also a matter of visual imagination - something most student films lack and which this film contains in spades.)

It's also nowhere close to being "very long" - it is, in fact, just about the perfect length (though it could have used a little longer run-time.)

It is a truly extraordinary film, one with more creativity and beauty and warmth than just about anything else out there.

10 years ago


One of the most heartbreaking and poetic films I've ever seen. I lost it at so many points, especially the phone call with his father.

This one will play on my mind for many days to come.


8 years ago


Beautiful movie. A real tearjerker. I wanted to dispose the main character because of his lavish almost decadent lifestyle (can you say jealous?) but I just couldn't. I felt so much for his situation. I also admired his courage and resilience in the face of such adversity. The visuals were perfect at giving the sense that I was just as confined as he was. Marvelous.

7 years ago

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