Ready Player One (2018)

When the creator of a popular video game system dies, a virtual contest is created to compete for his fortune.


The tribute to one of the best horror movies ever halfway through the movie was magnificent. Spielberg did it again.

3 years ago


Not especially faithful to the source material, but a pretty good film in its own right. The plot and characters are streamlined and simplified, but it all works in service of cramming a rather large narrative into just two and a half hours. The film is distinctly Spielbergian, right down to the 80's style score. For a movie about finding easter eggs, there are easter eggs galore, and I'm sure the internet will have tons of fun scouring every frame of it for obscure references. It's not quite as dark or deep as the book, and the overall message is a bit different than Cline's, but as far as adaptations of difficult source materials go, this one is very good.

3 years ago


Did the director of "Ender's Game" direct this? Awful, awful, awful. Spielberg hasn't done a good film since his Michael Mann-esque - "Munich".

3 years ago

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