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I liked this much better when I was a younger kid. Back then it was one of the greatest movies I had ever seen. Watching it a little older you realise there's too many plot holes and problems with the logistics and rules of time travel. Why don't Marty and Doc begin to fade out in timelines that aren't their own, because even though they may be alive in those timelines, their personalities would be drastically changes by those events? Why do Marty and Doc attempt to alter the future when anything that happens there is going to be changed anyway by the natural flow of time?

Ah well, maybe I should stop focusing on the trivial things and focus on what the movie is. Still, the whole alternate timelines thing is what made it so cool, so when that falls apart…

7 years ago


The sequel is all over the place and depends too much on cheap 80s humor, dual (triple, quadruple) roles for the regulars and revisits the first movie without really adding to it. A confusing mess.

2 years ago


Back to the Future Part II goes more futuristic than the first movie and rehashes a lot of the scenes from the first movie under different circumstances for some complex, though engaging, plotting. The loveable characters, Marty and Doc from the first movie, are back, and together with all the new and cool special effects (like a flying DeLorean) and clever plotting make the movie a winner, though not as classic as the first one. Actually, if there is anything wrong with this movie, it stems from the fact that it can't quite match up to its great predeccesor, especially in terms of the character interactions and their emotional investment in the story.

4 years ago

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