Superbad (2007)

Two co-dependent high school seniors are forced to deal with separation anxiety after their plan to stage a booze-soaked party goes awry.


Wow, really surprised by this. I don't usually like these type of comedys, but man, I laughed so hard through the movie. Michael Cera is so awesome. This type of roles that he makes are so amazing. His body language and weirdness are just great and so funny. Liked it very much.

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Superbad. While it has its moments, most of them in the McLovin thread, it really shouldn't take two hours to tell the story of three teenage boys trying to procure beer for a party. The movie is plenty draggy. I didn't find it aggressively irritating though, which is something of a victory considering my lack of patience with this kind of comedy. At its heart is a sweet bromance, and it's fun to see a lot of the actors at such a comparatively young age. I'm not sure where to put the film on the credibility scale given how preposterously stupid the two cops are, but I can at least say I knew kids like these in school who were obsessed with sex, but didn't really have the wiles to get it. This was middle school, however, though I suppose they didn't fare any better in high school. I found it disturbing then, but would have found it simply annoying later. Now, as an adult, watching actors say similar things, I'm just, well, okay, what else have you got to say? I'm sure there's a good coming of age sex comedy that makes sense in Superbad, but it flails around a bit too much for elicit a laugh from me.

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