It was funny for the first fifteen minutes. By half-way, I was dead bored. I like mindfuck type of movies, but not this type…

6 years ago


This movie is highly overrated in my opinion, yes the first few minutes were funny with a great performance by Johnny Depp. But the rest of the movie is just aimless, it goes nowhere and it doesn't have much story to tell.

Maybe you'd have to do drugs yourself to relate to. I don't know. If I where you, I wouldn't watch it in a cinema, watch it somewhere where you can fast forward and/or skip the movie entirely.

5 years ago


One of the best drugs craziness movie ever! They have it all, they use it all! Fantastic performance of Depp, just like Hunter S. Thompson really used to be. Terry Gilliam best movie!

7 years ago

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