@greenhorg : that's actually the point why this movie is so awesome…

6 years ago


@whataboutki: That is not this movie you are talking about… It's the other Peter Jackson flick.

9 years ago


Even as a huge fan of the likes of Plan 9 and Evil Dead, this is beyond belief – in the best way possible. I was laughing so hard I was almost in tears. Not a "good" film by any technical means, but easily a new favourite. It's also beyond belief that someone would watch this - hell, any of Peter Jackson's early films - and decide that he was the man to direct LoTR.

As a New Zealander, this movie also has the most accurate portrayal of NZ scenery I've ever seen on screen (if you ignore the aliens, of course). Far beyond what we see of NZ in Whale Rider, Black Sheep, Rain (which I absolutely loathe), and even the fantastic roadtrip in my favourite Kiwi film, Goodbye Pork Pie.

7 years ago

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