Casino is not quite able to keep the necessary amount of suspense throughout it's long running time. Could have gained from less use of voice over and better priorities when it comes to what elements of the plot are actually interesting. I don't feel like watching it again, but it certainly made me want to watch Goodfellas again.

6 years ago


I don't know why people are saying that if you liked Goodfellas you'll enjoy Casino, Goodfellas is by far a more enjoyable and memorable film.

In my opinion Casino would have been helped by better writing which in turn probably would have cut down on the running time (making the whole thing feel like less of a drag) and would've put a stellar cast to better use. The film also could have done without the voiceover. Really great editing though.

3/5 (because it looks nice even if it is a drag in the story department)

2 years ago


A little non-plussed by it, to tell you the truth. Scorsese's notion that the film, just like Las Vegas, is about excess - excessive colors, cutting, music (wall to wall), voice over… - is at once its problem and its reprieve.

3 years ago

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