Wise Jake

I'd buy that for a dollar!

8 years ago


For sheer entertainment value, this almost can't be beat. The best sci fi satire of the 80s. Horrible deaths, endless hilarious quotes, great characters, and a beating heart of allegorical subtext to flesh out the intelligent politicizing. It's tight, short, without filler, over the top but still thinking, and has endless replay value. Its' cult following is well deserved. Did I mention the brilliant score - or the parade of smashed windows? Just see this gem.

9 years ago


Amazing fast-paced sci-fi action, full of humour, great dialogue and beautifully drawn characters: even the minor parts and quirky and memorable. The story is so involving and entertaining that it hides how multi-layered it is: it's not only a great satire of modernity and corporatism, it's also an existentialist metaphor for the search for self, a commentary on a man struggling to come to terms with his place in a mechanised world, and an allegory of the Christian death and resurrection.

4 years ago

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