The Breakfast Club (1985)

Five disparate high school students meet in Saturday detention, and discover they have a lot more in common than they thought.


Everyone is the most cliche caricature and what's worse is the film wants you to know it and basks in it.
To respond to this I'm simply going to quote the film:

This is a good film. The nerd wasn't a very good character and the bad boy had the most cliché back story ever. Another problem is that they made Bender an asshole, solely, to advance the plot.
Still, outside from that, the dialogue was good and I felt it touched some interesting subjects concerning teenagers in a manner that felt natural unlike most films about teenagers, which usually feel forced and unrealistic. We all know most teenagers are never this brutally honest with themselves and others, so this was quite impressive for me.
It definitely has some flaws but it also has some strengths and I would recommend that you watch it. 7/10.

5 years ago


Charming comedy. A must see for every movie lover.

7 years ago


This is a no-age movie. You can see it whenever you want, the year you are living in and the movie have the same sense. Refreshing, funny and real.

3 years ago

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