Russkiy kovcheg (2002)

a.k.a Russian Ark

A French marquis wanders through a vast labyrinth of corridors, theaters and ballrooms at a reception for a Persian ambassador.


Having been to Russia and The Hermitage and picking up quite a lot of Russian history, I still find this films content to be considerably esoteric. It is not so much a history lesson as it is an occasional milieu of famous peoples and events from which this viewer feels completely removed.

The praise for this film, I feel relies too much upon the - dare I say - gimmick of the one take wonder. It is beautiful, but it pales to the awe of walking the salons of the Winter Palace in person. It is also accomplished but all the technical brilliance can't conceal the - possibly erudite, but in my mind - whimsically vague wanderings of two ethereal men-out-of-time.

The one scene(?) I did find intriguing was in front of Rembrandt's Danae. "This painting and I share a secret." Indeed.

5 years ago


One of the most beautiful films I've seen in a long time. I'm embarrassed that it took me so long to get to this title.

9 years ago


The last 10min is fantastic

5 years ago

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