Excellent! The balance of mystery and humour are pitch perfect and never throw each other off course. Consistently gripping and enjoyable from the master of suspense. The pre-war British reserve and patriotism in the film may seem dated but its both endearing and humourous, and only enhanced my enjoyment. The film has aged but like a fine wine it has only got better!

9 years ago


Another excellent Hitchcock movie. The Lady Vanishes is a fast-paced film with a great mix of comedy, suspense, mystery and romance. I really enjoyed this!

9 years ago


Only the third Hitchcock feature I've gotten around to after Rear Window and North by Northwest. I love the sarcasm Hitchcock's protagonists like to use. The Lady Vanishes employs much more humor than I was expecting and I was glad for it. This was a top quality film. It's hard to believe it is almost 3 times older than me. I'm going to watch more Hitchcock soon for sure.

9 years ago

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