Mr DeMille

Jennifer Lopez surprisingly good in this

8 years ago


The biggest surprise about Out of Sight is that Jennifer Lopez is so SMOKIN' HOT as U.S. marshal Karen Sisco, by which I mean how well she holds the screen. This wasn't really issue back in '98 when I saw the film in thearters, but since? Why can't all her performances be this good? Maybe it's her chemistry with George Clooney, who plays escaped bank robber Jack Foley. Maybe it's Steven Soderbergh's awesome direction (the centerpiece for me is the "second date" in the hotel, the way it's intercut and the dialog laced in. Maybe it's Elmore Leonard's original material. Whatever the case may be, Out of Sight is an electric romance set in a crime movie full of ironic humor (Tarantino fans will love it, for example, and it even has a connection to Jackie Brown). The casting is spectacularly good - Catherine Keener, Albert Brooks, Ving Rhames, Micheal Keaton, Don Cheadle, Steve Zahn, Samuel Jackson, Luis Guzmán, Dennis Farina… That's just off the top of my head.

4 years ago


Super cool movie.

5 years ago

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