Not a bad sci-fi movie. However, it dragged on. I could've done with less filler scenes and more scenes with content. I wished they got to the bloody point faster. Also, Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox are slightly irritating. But you know, fun movie to watch when you're up for a low-content-and-flashy-scenes-that-go-kaboom movie. Chuckled a couple of times, which is always welcome :)

6 years ago


This was so boring I almost fell asleep. I don't care if the sequels are also on some ICM list, I am not going to watch them any time soon.

8 years ago


People who say that it has at least good CGI are idiots. Even CGI is terrible here, but not because of the programmers who made it, but because of Michael Bay and his shaky camera. Everything moves so fast that you can't even see what is happening or what you are looking at. Robot's arm, something flashy, part of a car, robot's head, something flashy again, blured screen, explosion, robot's part, something I'm not sure of, more flashy lights, another exploision - and this happens in a matter of two seconds. Whole movie is like this. Do you call it a great action?

9 years ago

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