A Fairytale,a sad trip where fantasy and sci fi came together.Spielberg play with both in an emocional, touching way, almost using horror tools. There's a sinister side in the film its hiding behind the David´s world.
The process of changing color in the cinematography is beautiful.
It involves the Kubrick death that hurt too.I know if he could finish the film it will be more serious but this is destiny his soul will live in it forever

4 years ago


A tough movie to review. I liked the story of David living with his family and all the conflicts and touching scenes and also the social criticism - and most of the scenes with David and Gigolo Joe also had lots of appeal. I really have to praise Haley Joel Osment's acting - also loved Jude Law.

The effects were great, all the robots looked amazing.

But though some scenes were really imaginative and visually amazing, the movie didn't really seem to work as a whole for me. The ending was somehow visually fascinating and also touching and interesting if looked at seperately… but for me it didn't work with the rest of the movie. I also didn't like the idea of Dr. Know that much and the fairy thing became a little too much. Jude Law was great, but a little less of his sometimes quite strange dialog might have sufficed. Even the scene with Prof. Hobby could have been a little better.

All in all, great topic, amazing visual style, great acting and some wonderful ideas. I just think these elements could have been combined in a different way to create a better movie.

5 years ago

squeamish movie lover

Very dark and sad and altough overlong is a highly original film.

10 years ago

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