When Daniel Craig was announced as the next Bond you could hear many collective groans from much of the fanbase. Fortunately the character was in good hands with Martin Campbell (who also directed Brosnan's first outing, Goldeneye). The action sequences are great, the classic high-stakes poker playing is fantastic, and Craig manages to bring a cold-hearted presence to the role while also showing how broken Bond is inside. Many hate the lack of gadgets but honestly I think a lot of silly toys would have taken away from the seriousness of the film.

4 years ago


Terrific James Bond movie! Good story, great action, good villian and Graig makes an excellent rough and tough James Bond.

Still holds up after more than 10 viewings. Blu Ray is terrific. One of the best James Bond movies ..period!

Hope they will bring back Martin Campell as director for the next one. Of all the recent Bond directors he handles drama, thrills and action the best.

5 years ago


Loved it. Was very sceptical about a new Bond, but he did the job just the way it should've been. Quantom of Solace on the other hand…. not so great.

7 years ago

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