I had a good time while watching it, absolutely. The guys really looked like they were having a blast at times and that was contageous. I liked those characters and of course Vegas… in my opinion the hype describing it as the best comedy in years is not entirely justified, but apart from that it was quite good.

5 years ago


good concept. smiled a lot, laughed almost never.
the end credits were genius.

8 years ago


I was expecting a stupid comedy, which maybe had some heart to explain its high standing. What I got was stupid yes, but no heart, and worst of all, remedial movie making. I could actually see gags failing because of editing choices! Thoroughly unfunny, with characters over-explaining everything and recapping the action 5 minutes after it happened, as if made for the absolutely densest audience possible. The Hangover throws away gags about sex offenders as if that were funny and absolutely wastes the talents involved. What we're left with is a clever premise, also wasted - but it plays well as a trailer - and two musical numbers/moments which are just about the only time I smiled or laughed (Ed Helms' What do tigers dream of, and the wedding singer bits). So I would put, at most, 2 minutes on You-Tube, and throw the rest on a bonfire and walk away. Just awful.

4 years ago

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