Not quite as good as Seppuku (Harakiri) but still an amazing movie!

8 years ago


It'd be nice if they added the alternate titles. At the very least the most known name for the movie, Samurai Rebellion.

8 years ago

Unit 731

Now, this movie is not on the same level as Seppuku or Kurosawa but it is still a really solid and brilliant movie. It is heavy on historical accuracy and authenticity, as opposed to deeper philosophical conundrums and heavy characterization one might expect from some samurai films.

Still, it offers probably one of the best views on the samurai feudal system and its ethics at that time, and what the vassals had to put through. So to say, you might actually need to have some interest in that historical period to completely enjoy this piece. I am willing to bet many people won't be enjoying seeing people mostly just sitting and talking over the proceedings and moral dilemmas they encounter. This movie still has excellent cinematography and a explosive final act to keep others entertained.

The movie had slight problems. For once, I would have preferred the movie to be actually longer. I think the flow of the film was a bit too fast. Another issue I had was with Tatewaki. Way too small of a role. His relationship with Isaburo wasn't established well enough. While their last duel was fantastic, I wanted more from them, and I really wanted more screen time for Tasuya Nakadai.

All in all, a very good piece and I certainly wasn't bored. Not an instant masterpiece like Seppuku, but it was interesting and exceptionally well made. This movie definitely warrants many rewatches.

5 years ago

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