I like the premise of a racist hunting immigrants, and the movie is suspenseful and thrilling! Beautiful cinematography, JDM is great as a drunken redneck and the eerie soundtrack is so good.
Taken the Imdb rating i did not have any high hopes but i was blown away. Just my cup of tea!
Just a couple negative thing such as the predictable ending, a gory deathscene caused by flare gun i wasnt to keen on seeing in detail and a few plot holes. Other than that a good thriller! 7/10

2 years ago


Satisfies on the "thrill" factor, and Cuaron Jr shows potential as a director…But it's honestly such a dumb film. The story is unbelievably cliché and underdeveloped; the villain painfully 2D. Call this "Hobo With a Shotgun II", because that's all it boils down to. People who had issues with the Gravity screenplay (which Cuaron Jr also wrote) didn't know how much worse it could get. Stick behind the camera, Jonas.

5 years ago

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