I thought this was a fun, happy dance flick..I was wrong.

8 years ago


One of the best american social realist dramas of the seventies. I thought it was going to be a dance flick, but it isn't. Well, it got a few dance scenes in it, but it's all for the benefit of the story, and it's more like a backdrop for the characters and their problems. I don't like disco music in particular, but here it works very well. One of Travolta's finest performances both as an actor and dancer.

9 years ago


I was drawn to this movie by Roger Ebert's Great Movies list. Like other commenters, I was expecting something else. Saturday Night Fever mercilessly portrays 70’s hypermasculine culture, but in a way in which the male characters act with impunity. While having some interesting things to say about class, racism and cycles of violence, I was most struck by the misogyny in this film.

3 months ago

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