Captain Fantastic (2016)

A father living in the forests of the Pacific Northwest with his six young kids tries to assimilate back into society.

The Tramp

Power to the people, stick it to the man.

2 years ago


Captain Fantastic stars Viggo Mortensen as a survivalist raising his kids outside the system, at least until their mother's death forces him to bring them into the so-called "real world", where he is made to question his decisions. The twist is that we've come to think of survivalists as extreme Right, probably religious gun nuts. This family is on the extreme Left, super-hippies who have abandoned our consumer society. The film does a good job of making us question whether it's good or bad to live outside the system, especially in terms of education, and just how much of home schooling includes indoctrination (and indeed whether the public or private school systems do too), but it's also a touching story about a father doing what he thinks is best for his children. Parents could do worse than to watch this with an open mind and contrast their own styles to "Captain Fantastic"'s.

2 years ago


It's been so long since i enjoyed a movie like this. It had both meaning and enjoyable moments. Acting was incredible too.

2 years ago

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