Spotlight (2015)

The true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese, shaking the entire Catholic Church to its core.


Interesting and well though out movie about such a disgusting, ongoing, cover up by the church.

Amazing that in this day and ages the rapists aren't gaoled and simply moved to another parish.

5 years ago


Looking at the previous comments I think I'm going to be going against popular opinion here, but I was a little disappointed.

On the plus side:
- well acted across the board (Keaton's accent starts out brash, but quickly blends in)
- direct and faithful to the story: no unnecessary sub-plots, no for-the-sake-of-it romance, didn't need to be graphic or dwell on the sensitive subject matter
- just the right amount of comic relief moments for the subject matter (count of maybe 4..?)

- Ruffalo's "we need to release the story now" speech looks like it came straight out of "Winning an Oscar Acting Nomination for Dummies". Not from the way he delivers it, but the lines, the background noise hushing to zero and the intense dramatic close-up. It was a real cringe over-dramatization moment for me in an otherwise perfectly naturalistic film.
- After watching the film I felt like I hadn't gained anything I could've gotten from reading a corresponding Wikipedia article. Maybe it's just me as a desensitized cynic of Catholicism, but the film didn't shock or suprise, didn't thrill me or hook me, didn't inspire great empathy or sympathy or horror. I don't think a film needs to do any of these things by any means, but in the absence of them I had very little strong opinion or feeling about the film after watching.

Basically I thought this was a good solid film, about an important story needing to be told, but not a great film, and I would be fairly disappointed if Hollywood selects this as the torchbearer for film in 2015 on Feb 28.

5 years ago


Taut, succinct and well executed. The ending is both moving and satisfying.

5 years ago

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